1893 - An entrepreneur arrives

Shuparshad Bansal Agarwal is born near Agra, in Uttar Pradesh, North India. In 1910, he emigrates to Taiping in Perak, Malaysia to assist his uncle in running a provisions shop. Shuparshad moves to Tapah at the foot of the hills. He buys a rubber estate and sets up a provisions store supplying provisions to the workers building the road into the Cameron Highlands.


1933 - First flush, first sale

Shuparshad sets up the Bharat Company. He acquires land from the British Government and starts selling tea leaves from this first estate to a neighbouring factory.


1937 - Survival in tough times

With Shuparshad’s death, his brothers Nandkishore and Kailashchand take over the running of the business as his son Brijkishore is merely nine years old. Later, Brijkishore travels to India to study.


1944 - The War Years

The Japanese occupation of WW2 cannot weaken the business. The Bharat Group provides vital provisions like rice and sugar to the entire Cameron Highland’s community.


1952 - Chop rusa, the first brand

Brijkishore returns to Malaysia aged 20, and soon takes over the running of the business. He wins a contract to run a factory at the Agricultural Research Centre. The Bharat Group produces its own processed and packaged tea called “CHOP RUSA”.


1957 - MERDEKA!

Brijkishore is joined by his younger brother Mr. Shriniwas. The Bharat Group celebrates Merdeka! Malaysia is free from foreign rule, and while others are just beginning to set up businesses, the well-established Bharat Group is a key contributor to the economy of the Cameron Highlands region.


1963 - New Horizon

The Bharat Group acquires the Shalimar Tea Estate, along with its own factory for processing tea leaves. This expands the operations signficantly. The company builds its formidable reputation for supplying quality tea to various wholesalers and other brands.


1965 - Respect and honour

Brijkishore is given the title ‘Justice of the Peace’ and later Is recognized by the Malaysian Sultanate with the Honorary title of ‘Dato Sri’. Dato Brijkishore will remain the Chairman of the Group, while his sons work hard to grow the business.


1972 - Shuparshad and sons

Brijkishore and his uncle,Nandkishore develop the business rapidly. Eventually Brijkishore consolidates the various businesses and acquires Nandkishore’s shares. Thus from the original “Shuparshad and Bros.” the company becomes known as “Shuparshad and Sons”, within the Bharat Group.


1990's - 3rd Generation

Dato Sri Brijkishore will remain the Chairman of the Group, while his sons work hard to grow the business.



1994 - Retail revolution

The Bharat Group goes nationwide in the retail space with the Cameron Valley brand.


2002 - Serving a refreshing cuppa

Moving from the plantation to the table, the Bharat Group launches the first Cameron Valley Tea House, near Tanah Rata. The second and third tea house are consecutively opened over the next few years.


2008 - A Legend passes

Dato Sri Brijkishore passes away, and his sons Dato Sri Kesav and Dato Indera Vinod continue to run the business together.


2010 - Generation Next

The 4th generation continue the family legacy.