Cameron Valley Tea

The Perfect Cuppa

In  the high altitude of Cameron Highlands, there exist the optimal conditions of sunshine, rainfall and soil nutrients which together ensure the delicate and superior quality of teas produced. 


Cameron Highlands at an altitude of almost 2000 meters above sea level is blessed with cool nights, plentiful sunshine with temperatures averaging 24 degrees Celsius and about 2000mm of rainfall every year. These conditions in harmony create Malaysia's finest tea producing region and provides our tea with its special delicacy of natural sweetness and subtle flavor.


Distinct Flavour of a single estate tea

Each variant is the result of prized cultivation, further enhanced by closely guarded, special farming and processing techniques. Cameron Valley’s special blend of Assam and Chinese varieties of tea plants, lead to magnificent aromas and unique flavours. Its single-estate cultivation with traditional methods of farming like hand-plucking and natural fermentation guarantees the same quality of tea and consistent flavor every time. Thus, Cameron Valley is one of the most popular and leading local tea brands in the country.

Over-harvesting gets more branches instead of leaves into the mix, affecting the quality of the final product therefore Cameron Valley takes special care not to over-harvest so that the product you receive is always up to the highest standard.

4 Generations of family legacy in your tea cup

Proudly Malaysian, Cameron Valley makes the best use of local resources. Locally sourced, locally grown, locally produced and packed. A Family – run estate nearly a century old, its close worker-owner collaboration ensures an unwavering focus on quality and attention to detail. The family are firm believers in the conservation of the pristine environment of Cameron Highlands and protecting its rich heritage